Give and Go 100 is your chance to get the best deal on Jaguars tickets in town while supporting your favorite charity! For every ticket you purchase to any of the Jaguars' 2016 preseason and regular season home games through the secure Give and Go 100 site, you automatically donate $10 to the charity you select below. Once the organization has sold 25 tickets, your $10 donation will be matched dollar for dollar for their project, instantly doubling your impact! And even better, once an organization with a posted project sells 100 tickets, the match becomes a 3-to-1 deal, which means an organization could make up to $30 per ticket purchased!

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Give and Go 100 is a partnership of the Nonprofit Center, the Jacksonville Jaguars, The Jaguars Foundation, the DuBow Family Foundation, and Only tax-exempt 501c3 organizations located in and serving Northeast Florida can participate. Visit our FAQ to learn more.

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 Aug 20    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 7:30pm  
 Aug 28    Cincinnati Bengals - 8pm  
 Sep 11    Green Bay Packers - 1pm  
 Sep 25    Baltimore Ravens - 1pm  
 Oct 23    Oakland Raiders - 1pm  
 Nov 13    Houston Texans - 1pm  
 Dec 4    Denver Broncos - 1pm  
 Dec 11    Minnesota Vikings - 1pm  
 Dec 24    Tennessee Titans - 1pm  

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Do not share my name and contact information with the designated nonprofit organization. I wish to remain anonymous. (Your name and contact information WILL still be shared with the Jacksonville Jaguars to complete your ticket order.)

My employer matches charitable contributions. Be sure to print your acknowledgement email and fill out the necessary paperwork (usually with your company's HR department).

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